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Raleigh SBDU Bespoke Frame Lugless Reynolds 753 with Unique Feature Combination


About this Bike frame:


*Bespoke and Unique*

More images on our Facebook Page  here 


This frame should not be confused with collectable SBDU frames out there, worthy in their own right  but in many cases , simply off the peg catalogued bike frames. This frame is a bespoke, uniquely created and  uniquely numbered creation by Raleigh.


This unique frame is not simply a one off, or just a collection of the finest workmanship and design technology of the Dynaflite era under Gerald O'Donovan.   


Reynolds 753 Lugless Steel Frame

Built for time trial, with a single down tube shifter mount for gear changes

Aerodynamic rear stays and racing forks, Featuring Drilled dropouts


Please ask for more information should you require

To see more images of this Bicycle please visit this link here* on our Facebook Page


Further Specifications are listed below:


Due to page constraints - further information is  available by request. Please message us .


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Raleigh SBDU Bespoke Frame Lugless Reynolds 753

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    Please Note. Full Bicycles normally prove too costly to most countries. Frames and smaller parcels not so. 

    Please also be aware that you may also be required to pay import duties on arrival to your country

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