Mavic Open Pro/Miche Reflex Wheels

Mavic Open Pro/Miche Reflex Wheels

Available in Campagnolo or Shimano Fitting



CA 9/10/11/12x,

SH 11x or 9/10x with spacers


The Open Pro is the latest version of the Mavic Open rims, and as such is the most advanced evolution. Optimised up to the limit of the material potential, Open Pro is one of the best road rims available. The SUP rim has a stronger arc-welded joint which is then milled to form an invisible join, eliminating juddering when braking. Maxtal alloy is 30% stronger than 6061 without any extra weight. The Mavic Open Pro has an anodised finish to reduce wear and corrosion. UB Control gives the rims a higher coefficient braking surface and a smooth joint due to the digital milling process after anodisation. It is drilled for Presta valve tubes

The Miche Reflex hubs are CNC machined and guarantee high fluidity with high precision bearings.

Mavic open Pro Specs:

  • Material: Maxtal 6016 alloy, higher strength to weight ratio than 6061 alloy.
  • Rim: Arc welded then milled for a smooth finish
  • Recommended tyre widths: 19 to 28mm
  • Recommended rim tape: 622 x 18 x 0.6
  • Braking surface: CNC Machined
  • Traditional drilling (28h)

Miche Reflex Hub Specs

  • Adjustment System: Friction Cone front/ Smoothness adjustment ring rear
  • Freewheel Body: AL 7075 T6
  • Front And Rear Body: AL 6061 T6
  • Axle Material: Steel
  • Bearings: Miche
  • Freehub: CA 9/10/11/12x, SH 11x or 9/10x with spacers

Wheel Weight: (pr)

Quick release skewers are included with the wheels


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