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Hetchins Vade Mecum 1957 Collectible British Bicycle Frame Reynolds 531

Beautifully hand crafted bicycle frame from 1957

The frame has been confirmed by the Hetchins Registry and was first sold to the Retailer Jack Kirk at Kingston Upon Hull in November 1957 for the Princely sum of 15 pounds 12 shillings 10 pence 

The number H27058 ( visible on the fork steerer and rear drop out is listed in the ledgers as a model Vade Mecum, Circuit of Britain (road racing) with a  geometry of 22.5-inch,It was the seven thousand fifty-eighth frame made since they started counting in Aug 1935. In addition the frame has an enamelers number and the embossed Hetchins branding under the bottom bracket.

The frame is straight and without any obvious damage or signs of serious rust. Paint work remains in the used condition in came in. At some point it its history , it has been re-enameled.

The frame features its original Hetchins badge. This has a certain likable patina to it .

The frame features: 

Beautiful lugs

Wrap Over Stays

Traditionally crafted fork crown of the era

Delightful braze on features, Under  tube cable, pump hangers, top of bottom bracket gear cable guides, - simply exquisite at the rear, grease nipples to bottom bracket and headset  and of course the less common straight tubing .

Any new owner would have choice to make in relation to a full restoration of paint and features or to improve upon what it has already.

In terms of marks, you will expect it to have some after almost 66 years. There are two old ship marks on the cross bar. In addition at the top of the rear stay at the rear of the cluster, what looks like a spot of white paint has laded on the frame. I could this back but did not remove it entirely.  There is some surface marking in the area of the shifter band. also various bit of wear in various parts. Some tiny bobbling in the paint on one lower stay.

Some evidence of rust spots caused by standing in storage over time. As i say nothing major.

Bottom bracket thread is good. Marginally better on one side than the other. The ensemble I removed featured one cup 1950's British and the other 1980's Japanese - both standard threads but an odd combination . 

In the headset that is included, I have replaced the adjustable top race as the original ( I thing is stronglight) did not have a  lock ring to match- resulting in a bit of play when using the centre pull cable hanger ,  i replaced this with something more suitable for stability. I will also send the original top race to any new owner.

The frame is obviously going to benefit from lug lining.  Currently looking like they are ingrained with dirt - which I think might be the left overs from last lining .

This can be a stunning collectible frame. 


Top Tube Centre to Centre:   55.5cm

Seat Tube ;  Top to Centre:56.5cm   & Centre to Centre:  55.5cm

Can be used for Gear/ Brake lever system or Downtube Shifting

Wheels Required:   27

Spacing for wheels :  Front: 100 mm / Rear  120 mm

Frame weight ( as in picture)  2.98 kg




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You will be buying a used bike frame, so please be aware of the following;


A note about our used bicycles & Frames. All Items are genuine vintage and whilst in full working order, may also so show signs of age or own some distinguishing marks. As well as these signs of character  there may also be some signs of rust (faint and few) and some signs of mottling on the chrome. Where possible we have tried to show these on photographs. These small imperfections are commensurate with what is expected of a bike of this age.The bikes are not new.






Hetchins Vade Mecum 1957

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