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Christophe Leather Straps


LEATHER: Quality and durability. Fits perfectly to your foot.

ZEFAL KNOW-HOW: Experience since 1880.

Sold by pairs.

  • Material : High Quality Leather
  • Colours : Black, White, Brown, Red, Blue,
  • Length : 370mm
  • Weight: 68g

French cyclist born on the 22nd of January 1885 in Paris, Eugene Christophe is viewed as the inventor of the toe-clip. In 1925, he sold his invention to Poutrait-Morin (now known as Zefal), and was the Director of the company until his death in 1970.

Since then, Zefal never stopped selling these legendary items

Christophe Leather Straps

Colour Options
  • Please place an order using the manual payment option, we will then get back to you with shipping costs.  

    Please Note. Full Bicycles normally prove too costly to most countries. Frames and smaller parcels not so. 

    Please also be aware that you may also be required to pay import duties on arrival to your country.

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