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3ttt Evol 2002 Aero Bicycle Stem Classic Stem Very Good Condition - all parts


Very Good Condition stem with all parts and trim as original ( Hinge Cover , Tope Clap in particular - are often missing)

Some slight fading on logo to hinge cover

Looks really great and has a very good finish 
Some very slight marks , that are unremarkable on the visible part 
A couple of marks on the entry points ( both sides - you will see in pics)

Lots of NOS versions available at over £100 - this is best used one I have seen


Make:  3ttt (with hinged clamp). The model is 3ttt 2002 evol
Very nice item.
Condition:  excellent
Width of Diameter:22.2
Clamp:  26mm
Height  ( from Min height) total  90mm
Length  110mm

Stems are often marked when used - particularly below the line . Aluminium mat be mottled , scratched or marked - see pictures


This is a selection of  what is available in our collection of used/preloved classic vIntage / retro collectable items. Some more of which you can find on our ebay shop 

A used item , which you should expect to have at least some marks, it may be scuffed or marked from use. Otherwise stated.

3ttt Evol 2002 Aero Bicycle Stem

  • Please place an order using the manual payment option, we will then get back to you with shipping costs.  

    Please Note. Full Bicycles normally prove too costly to most countries. Frames and smaller parcels not so. 

    Please also be aware that you may also be required to pay import duties on arrival to your country.

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